£11.75 - £14.75
per lesson

Moordown St. John's School

Tuesday & Thursday mornings

St Marks's Primary School

Wednesday mornings

babysplashers was set up in June 2006 by Bournemouth based baby swimming instructor, Louise Sanger.

Louise teaches all the classes herself as it is really important to her that she gets to know her babies and parents personally, forming a real bond throughout the babysplashers journey. It also ensures continuity and the same level of service whichever class, day or venue you are booked on to.

Louise is passionate about investing in your baby's future. Swimming is the only activity which one day may save your life. If you choose babysplashers for your baby's lessons you will receive great value for money with the highest quality teaching from over 25 years experience.

babysplashers isn't a franchise. This means with no expensive initial outlay, monthly franchise fees and staffing costs Louise can pass the savings onto her clients. This is why our lessons are only £11.75 - £14.75 unlike most of the larger franchised baby swim schools that charge as much as £18 per lesson.

Most classes are held at Moordown St. John's School, a fabulous pool heated to a tropical 32 degrees. Classes are held Tuesday mornings and Thursdays mornings at this pool.

St Marks's Primary School hosts Wednesday mornings classes, again a lovely warm pool.

(Please contact Louise for availability and suitable levels)

"My little boy Oscar joined Baby Splashers when he was 6 months old. It took a few sessions for him to get used to it, and Louise was brilliant at encouraging him to feel comfortable in his own time. He's now nearly two and absolutely loves his weekly swimming sessions, and along with practising his flirting skills on Louise (!) is now really confident in the water. It's definitely something we will be continuing with for a long time to come."